5 Business Listing Sites to Claim

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig

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Can customers easily find you? Test it out, search google for your services – do you appear?

As a small business you need to be present online and accessible to customers. Customers today more than ever are tied to their mobile devices and searching for businesses, but you must be present online to be found.

Below are 5 business listing sites that you should claim your business on today. Each site is user friendly and is quick to set-up. From there you only need to update the site with changes in hours, such as holidays, or new address or phone number if you move.

It can be hard to find the time to complete this, especially as a small business owner, but it is a crucial step for your success. Online marketing is the future and this is essentially free marketing!

1 – Google My Business

Did you know over 85% of new business searches happen on Google? Don’t you want those customers! Also, Google doesn’t just provide your business information to random customers. Google allows customers near you to find you, they match the location of the search with your business address.

It is a simple process to set-up. You claim your business name, provide your email, address, phone number, and business hours.

If you want to get fancy you can even let customers know about promotions or upload pictures. Customers can also post public reviews about your business for others to see!

2 –  Facebook

Known initially as a social network, Facebook is quickly taking over as a marketing hot-spot. Through Facebook you can interact with you customers, reply to their questions, post updates on your page, provide pictures of special items or upcoming events.

Facebook allows you to engage with your customers and create a community with them. This increases customer loyalty, allows them to invite their friends to interact and like your page, and ultimately grows your customer base. ALL FOR FREE!

Additionally, if you want to advertise on Facebook you can target customers based off visits to your website, interests in certain groups, behaviors. The customer targeting aspect on Facebook is really something to note.

At the minimum though, claim your site.

3 – Yelp

If you’re not already on Yelp, then this needs to be your first priority. The unique feature about Yelp, is that a lot of control is in the hands of the customer. This means that even if you didn’t create your business page, a customer can. They can submit a review on your business and that will create a page for you.

Visit Yelp and search your business. If you exist choose the option “Claim This Business”, if you do not exist select “Create Business Listing”

It is important to be aware of what customers are saying about you online. If you have not claimed your listing you are unaware of reviews and comments being made about your business.

4/5 – Bing and Yahoo

Both of these search engines are still used by some customers to find businesses. The accounts do not take long to set-up and assist your SEO by having your listing on them.

Take 20 minutes and create the accounts, once created the maintenance is minimal

When creating your accounts make sure you have the following information and keep it consistent with each account. If you change any of the information make sure to update all your listings and platforms.

Profile Checklist:

  • Business Name
  • Business Phone
  • Business Address – city, state, zip
  • Business Website
  • Business Email (If desired)
  • Business Logo (If desired)
  • Operating Hours
  • Business Description
  • Photos (if desired)

Once you’ve claimed these listings help grow them. Ask your customer to “Check-In”, write a Review, or comment on your posts.

And when they do, make sure you respond to them and thank them!

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