Best New Business Resource in 2023

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig


As a growing business, it is critical that we work as efficiently as possible and also have trusted partners that help and work with us.

This past year, the pandemic changed the way we operated and co-working spaces were no longer an option.

With the loss of our public office, we realized there were many amenities and business tools that we no longer had access to. As a company that works in the world of reputation issues, we understand how important privacy and proper document destruction is. I reached out to one of our valued clients, Guard Docs, and was beyond impressed with their ability to help us with all of our document needs.

Their team helped me find a convenient location (3 minutes from my WFH office!) where I can drop off my box of documents for shredding. After trying the one-time-drop off service for a few months, we signed up for recurring services to save both money and time.

Recently, we upgraded our computer systems and I was thrilled the Guard Docs could help with our secure destruction of old hardware to provide me the piece of mind that both Rhino Reviews and our client information was secure.

The best part is their customer service, consisting of real and local people! As a business owner, I don’t have time to wait on hold for 45 minutes or deal with chat-bots and Guard Docs gets that!

They have played a huge role in allowing us to seamlessly transition from office to remote work.

As a business owner, I am constantly searching for new great resources. What’s the best new business resource you’ve discovered in this #newnormal?

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