Google My Business Suspended my profile, HELP!

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig

google my business suspended listing

When your business profile is suspended, this means it is no longer visible on Google and that can have a HUGE impact on your business. What is often most frustrating is that Google does not let you know why your profile was suspended or what the error is.

Typically, it is a security check and Google wants to ensure the profile is actively managed. In this situation, you simply need to complete the appeal process and your profile is reinstated within hours.

There is also the chance that your profile has a violation that you might not realize and may have had for years. Common examples of this are your service area and how big the geography is. Google deems a ‘Service Area” as a distance that can be reasonably driven. To them, this means distances within 2 hours of your location. You can also only list 20 service areas on your profile. 

It is worth reviewing the policies and ensuring that your profile follows them. Google shares their full list of policies and violations for your profile to review.

When submitting for reinstatement, even if your profile is complicit, best practice is to include helpful information for Google. Providing this information in your reinstatement does help speed up the process. It is important to only include the below documents, Google does not accept or acknowledge other business documents:

  1. Your Business Registration/License displaying the business name and address that matches the listing you are appealing for. Accepted documents include official business registration, business license, or tax certificates.
  2. A utility bill displaying the same business name and address as your registration/license. Utilities may include any of the following: electricity, phone, gas, water, sewage, trash, recycling, TV, internet.
  3.  Additional information or proof, such as photo(s) of the storefront may be required.

Once you have fixed the issue or deemed that your profile is policy complicit you can submit the reinstatement form. Google only allows one form profile, submitting the form multiple times or through different accounts will not speed up the process.

Google recently updated their appeal process and while there are more steps, this update is for the better!

There are now clear steps listing the documentation you need to submit based on the reason for your suspension, direct links on how to submit the appeal, and even insight into tracking the progress of the appeal.

Important – Google did not change any of the policies or rules for business listings, they simply improved the processes for submitting a reinstatement request!

When managing your reinstatement, we recommend setting reminders to check in on the process as Google does not always send emails or updates and they may require more information from you.

Need help with your reinstatement process? We’re here for you!

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