Is consumers trust in advertising lost?

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig

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Everywhere you go, advertisements surround you. The average person is exposed to between 4,000-10,000 advertisements a day! With that amount of content bombarding you every day – “Buy This” “Eat That” “Go Here” – it is only logical that consumers have become numb to standard marketing tactics.

In fact 84% of millennial’s do not trust traditional advertising and less than 1% claim that advertisements led to the purchase decision . That means companies are spending billions of dollars to reach customers that do not believe what they are putting out there. 

So how do you reach your customers and create a brand image that connects with them? As we shift more towards technology and communication and interactions amongst individuals is easier than ever we notice a shift in what people expect from their products. Millennial’s want social validation from other consumers that this product, restaurant, or service is trustworthy. 

While only 4% of consumers think that marketing agencies act with integrity and feel they can trust them as a credible source, 84% of consumers trust online recommendations! 

Don’t fight the numbers, let’s starting building your online reputation today!

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