Missing Google Reviews?

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig

missing google reviews

Missing Google Reviews? You’re not alone!

Over the past months, many businesses have reported missing reviews despite customers saying they submitted them and some even showing proof of screenshots of their review.

This has been frustrating and concerning for businesses as these reviews are valuable and they rely on these Google Reviews for local SEO and social influence.

In addition to reviews not posting, many businesses also so their total review count drop as legitimate reviews were filtered off their profiles.

At Rhino Reviews, we worked with many clients to file reports with Google, open tickets in the support forum, and work with customers to submit reviews under different profiles in an attempt to work around this issue. As part of our managed service, we fully monitor your Google Business Profile and proactively work to ensure it is updated and solve any issues.

We believed this issue was resolved in November when Google reported a bug with their customer review filter as they were making changes to try and flag / remove fake reviews. Despite this acknowledgement, there were few changes and many clients and businesses continued to suffer.

This past week, Google confirmed the bug and that this issue was resolved!

They claim that this filter was put in place to remove fake reviews and combat spam attacks but that they filter was also removing legitimate customer reviews. Most excitingly, they shared that these missing reviews should be restored in the coming weeks as they reverse the bug issues.

If your reviews are not reinstated, you can reach out to Google support by submitting a review form. 

Do you need help restoring your missing reviews? Have a question about your Google reviews or Google Business Profile? Our team is available and here for you!

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