Not All Google Reviews Are Equal

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig

google reviews matter and your customer reviews need a photo to make a difference

Not all Google Reviews are created equal in the eyes of Google.

Google Reviews have different “weight” that is determined by a variety of factors:

– Length of customer review (amount of content provided)
– Timeliness of customer review (when it was written)
– The profile writing the Google review (are they an active contributor)
Photo Included with review

Which factor matters most? According to Sterling Sky Inc, a review with a photograph attached can have a massive impact on your rating and the top reviews that show.

Yes, we all knew a customer review with a photo will stay up top and be a priority, what is interesting though is when customer reviews with photos were posted with 5-star reviews, it pulled other 5 star reviews to the top.

When customer reviews with photos were posted with 1 star reviews, it pulled more negative reviews up.

If you have the opportunity to, when asking your customers for a review, mention photos or specific items you hope they speak about to encourage longer reviews.

Read the full report by Sterling Sky

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