Do Reviews Drive Local SEO?

Chelsea Craig

Chelsea Craig

local business online reveiws and seo results

Do reviews help drive traffic to your site and increase local SEO results. A simple and important question. The short answer: Yes, they do.

For a longer explanation how keep reading below…

As a local business, you are always looking for ways to reach customers in their moment of need and win their business (and money).

Whether you place a funny sign outside your shop, offer free events at night, or give away puppies – you are ultimately looking for a way to increase foot traffic in your store – and the internet is no different.

Businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on digital marketing services to help drive traffic to their site, increase their page rank, or run paid advertisements.

Though this is one approach, when asked what is the single most important area to focus on for small business marketing in 2019, hands down the majority of marketers answered “Online Reviews”.

People know reviews help influence customers when they are looking at your listening but that is a very small piece of the overall picture and how they help your business.

1  – Reviews increase CTR on your website, which in turn helps increase your SEO rankings

In a study performed by Yotpo they compared a local businesses’ online presence over a controlled period of time.

The first time period the business averaged around 5,500 organic pageviews/month. The second period of time the business averaged around 8,000 organic page views a month!

The only difference they made?

Adding Customer reviews onto the business Google Listing. 

2 – Customer Reviews Increase Page Rankings through social validation

The internet is saturated and it can be difficult for a small business to stand out and claim space online. One way to dominate your local SEO results though is by growing your customer reviews.

As Leverage Marketing explains, “Online customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines that communicates trustworthiness and authority. In an era in which competition has gotten tougher for small businesses on the web, managing online reviews is a way to differentiate your business and raise your visibility in the search results”

3 – Keywords in your Customer Reviews Drive SEO

We all know to monitor our keywords on our website to help drive traffic, but did you know that the keywords in your customer reviews affect your Local SEO results?

No, you cannot control what your customers write in their reviews – but you can control if you comment and thank them! And when you’re responding to those reviews, you can control the keywords that YOU use.

4 – Google rewards for Social Validation

Google places more value in what your customers are saying than what you say. Just as we listen to other people’s opinions so does Google.

For example, if you have a headline on your main page that reads “Best Roofer in PA” that’s great, but Google probably isn’t going to show you first when someone searches for roofers. But, imagine you have 5 customer reviews that say you are “the best roofer in PA”, now that is influence.

Google scrolls those reviews for keywords and puts more weight on them when determining your ranking for SEO results.

So what does this all mean?

Every year Google and other sites place more emphasis on customer reviews. Advertising and Marketing is changing and it looks like new strategy of social validation is here to stay.

Growing your reviews doesn’t have to be hard and does not mean extra work for you. There are many options out there to drive results at reasonable pricing.

Do your research and pick the right option for your business, then sit back and watch the effects that positive customer reviews can have on your growth.

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