How it Works

See how we help your grow your positive online reviews and stop negative reviews from hurting your online reputation.

Features and Benefits

Simple to Use

Built with you in mind, you can create an account and begin generating Yelp, FB, and Google reviews in less than 15 minutes!

⇒ Upload on your terms

Manually upload customers, link your account for automatic uploads, use a CSV for mass uploads, or have an account manager handle your account!

⇒ Scalabe for your business

Need to upload one customer? We can handle that. Need to upload 1,000 customers? We can handle that too.

⇒ Budget Friendly

Review Management packages often come with a high monthly billing cost. Take advantage of our low-cost, once yearly payment and save today!

⇒ SEO Improvement

Google Reviews help improve your Google and SEO ranking while also helping customers find you

⇒ Feedback is a Gift

Gather valuable customer feedback, respond immediately, and track trends in your live dashboard

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Saves you time

Our systems work 24/7 so you don’t have to. Let us handle the review follow-up, review reminders, and notifications to customers.

⇒ Customized for you

All communications to your customers are customized with your company name, logo, content, etc.

⇒ Empowering analytics

Track your reviews and feedback in your live Dashboard. Review themes and trends in your monthly analytics report.

⇒ Negative review prevention

Our systems screen your customers to ensure happy customers leave 5-Star reviews, while unhappy customers are directed to leave you private feedback.

⇒ Increase customer loyalty

Customers are loyal to companies they feel connected with. Engage them by asking for feedback.

⇒ Drive new customer traffic

Google is the #1 search platform for customers, grow your review presence to attract new customers in their moment of need.

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  • Over 90% of customers Google a new business before trying it

  • Reviews contribute to 10% of Google SERP rankings

  • Reviews produce an 18% uplift in sales

Grow your Online Reviews, Grow your Sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Each industry is different but we typically find that 10-15% of customers leave a review when asked. So the more customers you upload – the more reviews you get!

Our system updates every 15 minutes, allowing you to begin receiving reviews immediately!

Nothing! All reviews are yours and will stay with your business account.

Unfortunately our systems only work through emails – but this is a great opportunity to start! Maybe start sending out that monthly newsletter you’ve been meaning to get to, or send out special customer promotions.

We are confident in our system and provide a money back guarantee if you follow our process and do not receive any reviews.

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