Crisis Management

With the speed that content goes viral, your business needs a crisis management strategy and plan. Our Rhino Reviews team has the experience to help you navigate damaging issues and prevent long-term damage. We work quickly and professionally to minimize the effects of the crisis on your brand.

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Why Crisis Management Matters

Your reputation is what Google shows.

Viral Content Support

Going viral for the wrong reasons can destroy a business. In today’s digital world, you need to stay on top of and monitor all potential outbreaks online. With a solid crisis management plan, your business can survive and manage any online reputation attack.

Employee Behavior Issues

As a company, you are responsible for the behaviors and actions of your team members. Businesses need to be aware of comments, mentions, and videos that their employees share online as these impact the brand and company reputation.

Online Attacks & Suspensions

If your Google My Business listing is suspended, your business can suffer. It’s important to act quickly to work to reinstate your listing and monitor your profile to prevent future issues. From being trolled by a competitor to a simple GMB security check, there are different processes and protocols your business needs to follow for reinstatement.

Public Response Support

When it comes to managing a crisis situation, the business response and messaging is critical. A business is now expected to respond quickly to any public situation but these responses will determine how you are viewed. Feel confident and calm in a crisis with a professional plan and strategy to navigate all situations.

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How it Works

Viral Videos, Posts, Tweets

From trending posts on Twitter to blogs on Reddit, our Rhino Reviews team has helped our clients navigate damaging content and stopped their business reputation from being destroyed.

Employee Reputation Concerns

A disgruntled employee can be a huge threat to a business from posting online reviews to commenting on social platforms and sharing private information. Our team monitors and proactively reacts to any situation to minimize the damage for your business.

Crisis Management Plan

Does your business have a potentially damaging situation to worry about? Are you concerned about upcoming changes and how they may be perceived? Our Rhino Reviews team of experts will craft a crisis management plan and strategy to ensure minimal damage to your business.

Listing Suspensions

Google My Business listings are often suspended due to false reports from competitor profiles. Our Rhino Reviews team of Google My Business product experts will work to have your listing reinstated quickly and ensure no future attacks or suspensions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately there isn’t one clear answer for this. Google frequently performs ownership checks to verify that someone is monitoring the business, or perhaps your address is incorrect or website wrong. There are a variety of reasons your listing has been suspended, however when this happens the most important thing to do is work quickly. We will analyze your profile following the TOS of Google to identify the issue, submit the reinstatement request, and have your listing verified as quickly as possible!

When a video or issue is trending, there is no stopping it. We recommend crafting and publishing your response to the issue on all platforms and profiles. During our crisis management strategy, our team will review the approach to all potentially damaging issues.

A crisis management plan outlines how to successfully navigate a damaging issue. Our team puts together a strategy for each step of the crisis (initial virality, peak crisis-mode, post-crisis response) and aligns with you on how to handle and manage it.

When it comes to the digital world, people are quick to judge and often ignore fakes. They blame anyone associated with a situation at fault and this can be damaging for brands and businesses. We recently helped a legal client that had a team member video recorded saying racial slurs online. By following our crisis management plan, we were able to mitigate the viral damage and resolve the situation within a few days.

Why Rhino Reviews?

Big capabilities, boutique agency

Our owner, Chelsea Craig, is the leader in the Reputation Management space and is personally involved with each client. Her expertise is sought after by entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, and C-suite executives.

She creates the strategy and manages the team of reputation experts to ensure that our team exceeds your expectations and delivers world class results. You won’t have to deal with changing sales reps or junior employees working with you to build your reputation at Rhino Reviews.

When you choose to work with Rhino Reviews, you choose to partner with the experts. Unlike other ‘do-it-all’ agencies, we specialize and focus only on Reputation Management staying up to date on the fast changing industry and best practices.

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