What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Social media platforms are quickly taking the place of traditional customer service channels. Because of the speed of activity people are used to in spaces like Facebook, customers expect answers within hours, not days. With Rhino Reviews you can build a strong customer service reputation through social media management and show visitors you’re a business with real humans that care about helping them, not automated bots.

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Why Social Media Management Matters

Direct messages on Facebook skyrocketed over 200% in 2023. Customers are searching for information through your social profiles and expecting you to respond instantly.

DM & Comment Monitoring

DMs and comments on your social platforms can be a powerful tool when managed correctly. From engaging with customers and building brand loyalty to preventing defamatory comments from trending, by monitoring your social profiles you can improve (or destroy) your online reputation.

Review Monitoring

Online reviews are a powerful tool for businesses but they require responses, follow-ups, and monitoring. Social profiles like Facebook allow for reviews to be posted and are another platform to monitor and manage. These reviews and ratings appear under the URL in search and can have a positive or negative impact on your online reputation.

Profile Creation & Build Out

Part of building trust in a digital world is being on platforms where customers expect your business. For example, a law firm should be in Avvo and a doctor’s office in ZocDoc. Businesses need to identify the appropriate platforms for their industry and claim or create any missing profiles.

Content Creation

Weekly Google My Business posts, product updates, promotions, general business updates and other relevant business updates help prospects learn about your business and customers stay in the loop. By creating and posting consistent content, you also build authority with Google and other search engines to improve your rankings.

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How it Works

Social Listening

When it comes to protecting your reputation, social listening and awareness of mentions or comments is critical. Our team builds a custom strategy to watch your business online and alert you of any concerns.

Social Media Monitoring

Rhino Reviews responds to all comments, DMs, and messages across your social media platforms. We report and remove negative content to keep it from hurting you.

Profile Creation & Updates

Whether you need a page update or a full page created, our Rhino Reviews team can help. We do a deep dive analysis on your current profiles and missing profiles and will create and build them out based on our findings.

Content Production

From business announcements to weekly updates, we can create the appropriate content for your profiles to help share important business news. Need help with scheduling or organizing your social media strategy? Our Rhino Reviews team has content experts who can draft content, schedule posts, and monitor your platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business should be on Facebook and LinkedIn for their business. Both platforms are strong backlinks for SEO and instill trust with customers. During your reputation strategy, our team will review additional profiles and platforms you should consider based on your industry, size, and competition.

Absolutely! A great way to build brand loyalty is engagement with customers. Our Rhino Reviews team acts on behalf of the business to respond and react to all comments and mentions. We also monitor for negative content and handle it for you.

With all the platforms and channels, monitoring comments and managing mentions can be overwhelming. We provide our clients with systems and processes to manage their notifications on their behalf and ensure that every comment is responded to and negative content is controlled.

This is an interesting question and depends on your business, the amount of content you have, and your available time. At the minimum, we recommend brands post once per week to have an updated and accurate presence on all platforms. When thinking about content, it’s best to focus on quality not quantity for posts and ensure you are sharing relevant and interesting content.

Why Rhino Reviews?

Big capabilities, boutique agency

Our owner, Chelsea Craig, is the leader in the Reputation Management space and is personally involved with each client. Her expertise is sought after by entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, and C-suite executives.

She creates the strategy and manages the team of reputation experts to ensure that our team exceeds your expectations and delivers world class results. You won’t have to deal with changing sales reps or junior employees working with you to build your reputation at Rhino Reviews.

When you choose to work with Rhino Reviews, you choose to partner with the experts. Unlike other ‘do-it-all’ agencies, we specialize and focus only on Reputation Management staying up to date on the fast changing industry and best practices.

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Exceeding your expectations and delivering 5-star service is our mission. This dedication to service has allowed us to be recognized for years as a Top Rated Reputation Management Firm.

“Rhino Reviews is extremely dependable if you feel stumped creating day-to-day social media content. Our company has benefited from their creative excellence and copyright experts. Thanks Rhino Reviews!”


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“I can’t begin to tell you how valuable this has been to my organization. Chelsea was able to make the process simple and tailored to our needs.
If you are looking for an effective strategy, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Rhino Reviews! Game changer.”

Brian Zimmerman

Zen Windows

“Easy to work with, full of energy, and makes the review process (dare I say) fun!  Put Rhino Reviews on your short list!”

David C.

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