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Our mission is to help you grow positive online reviews.

Hello!  I am Chelsea, the founder of Rhino Reviews, and I want to thank you for visiting! 

I started Rhino Reviews with the goal of simplifying the online customer review process for small businesses.  My dad runs a very successful small business and I’ve seen the truth behind the glamorous “Entrepreneur” life. I watched him put in long hours and hard work while managing the hundred of tasks  pulling on his time  – and now social media platforms want to  jump in. There had to be a way to help relieve this workload.

Enter Rhino Reviews!

We pride ourselves on having a simple, easy to use system that can be up and running in 10 minutes – so you can get back to running your business! We give you back time in your day by handling the customer review process from start to finish and do so at a reasonable price. See how we can help you grow your online customer reviews today.

Don’t just take our word for it, read about the results we have delivered to our happy customers. 

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to hear from you!

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Send us an email at info@Rhino-reviews.com, or set a meeting on our calendar. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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