Crafting a Strategic Glassdoor and Indeed Reviews & Reputation Plan

Employer online branding has become a pivotal factor in attracting and retaining top talent. Glassdoor and Indeed, as leading platforms for employee reviews and company insights, play a crucial role in shaping your employer brand. We all know that employees use these platforms to search for new jobs, and companies that are actively working to improve their employer onlinerReputation are seeing the benefits!

A strong online employer reputation is a magnet for top talent. According to a LinkedIn survey, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand and reputation on online career platforms before applying for a job.

When searching for a new position, 75% of job seekers read employer reviews before deciding to apply and on average, candidates read 7 online employee reviews. Glassdoor is a powerhouse in employer reviews, with 89% of job seekers using the platform during their job search.

75% of job seekers read employer reviews before deciding to apply and on average, candidates read 7 online employee reviews.

As a company, it’s important to take ownership of your online profile and manage it as you manage Google My Business or Facebook. There are best practices to perform daily, weekly, and monthly on your page to build your brand presence, but where to start?

Claim Your Employer Profile

Start by claiming and optimizing your employer profiles on Glassdoor and Indeed. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about your company, ensuring consistency with your overall branding. Add your logo, cover photo, mission statement, and other company information that each platform allows you to provide.

Manage Employee Reviews

Actively encourage your employees to leave honest and constructive reviews. A steady flow of authentic reviews provides a more balanced and credible representation of your workplace. An important step that most businesses miss is monitoring and responding to these reviews. According to Glassdoor, 62% of job seekers say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review (both positive and negative reviews!).

Responding to negative reviews can be challenging, especially when you disagree with the experience described by an employee. When it comes to responding, as challenging as it may be, it is important to remove your emotions and respond to both positive and negative reviews thoughtfully. Acknowledge positive feedback and express gratitude. For negative reviews, address concerns professionally and demonstrate a commitment to improvement. This shows prospective employees that you value feedback and are proactive in addressing issues.

Show Your Company Culture

Use your Glassdoor and Indeed profiles to demonstrate your company culture. Share photos, videos, awards, updates, and employee testimonials to provide a glimpse into the day-to-day experience at your organization. This helps in aligning expectations and attracting candidates who resonate with your culture.

Implement Feedback

When possible, try to act on constructive feedback from reviews. Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement not only addresses specific concerns raised by employees but also shows transparency to potential candidates.

Monitor and Analyze Trends

Regularly monitor the trends and sentiments in your reviews. Identify recurring themes or issues and use this data to inform your HR and talent acquisition strategies. Understanding what employees value and where improvements are needed is key to refining your employer brand. Glassdoor and Indeed both have insights within their Employer Center that consolidates this data and allows companies to easily monitor their progress.

Having a strategic Glassdoor and Indeed reviews & reputation plan is a vital component of your overall employer branding strategy. Candidates are more informed than ever; positive reviews and a compelling employer brand can be the difference between attracting top talent or losing them to competitors. By actively managing your online reputation and leveraging the power of employee feedback, you can position your company as an employer of choice in the competitive talent market.

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